Your Health

Is your health important to you? Is it important enough to do something even if you don’t feel you need it, so you can be healthier 10 years from now? I hope you answered those questions honestly, and that the answers were both YES! I know for me it’s a no-brainer!

Do you eat the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables? The National Cancer Institute developed the “5 to 9 A Day” program to encourage Americans to eat at least 2 to 4 servings of fruits and at least 3 to 5 servings of vegetables every day. Do you eat that many fruits and vegetables each day, or any day for that matter. If you are not, then you need to supplement to give your body the proper nutrition it needs.

If you do research online about your health, and what you can do to be healthy, you will find over and over again this saying, “supplementation is no longer an option”. See, the food we eat doesn’t have the vitamins and minerals in it like it did 100 years ago. Our soil has been depleted of most of the vitamins and minerals that were once in our soil. With all the chemicals and things used now to grow our fruits and vegetables, you can see why these very necessary things are missing from our soil. That is why they have upped our intake for fruits and vegetables to try and counter act this problem.

It is UP TO YOU TO SEE, that supplementation is necessary for optimum health. I know what you may be thinking right here, I feel great and I don’t need anything, I eat right! I heard a very popular Doctor say in response to a question like this, “do you feel what’s going on inside your body?” The answer to that is no, we go to the doctor when we have pain, and then we find out that we have a problem, we never felt in coming on! You can make the right decision now, and choose to start supplementing, so your body can have the fuel it needs to get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy! It is UP TO YOU TO SEE!